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At Red Sun technology, we specialize in a wide range of IT services. Our offerings include expert project management, seamless software integration, round-the-clock support, and efficient IT infrastructure management. With us, you can optimize your technology, elevate customer experiences, and achieve cost-effective solutions that drive business growth.

Frequently, companies acquire products and software that individually perform admirably. However, when integrated with existing programs, they can often create confusion and complexity.
Through our comprehensive discovery process, we assess the efficiency and productivity of your current software solution. Our goal is to determine whether it aligns with industry standards and effectively supports your company's objectives.
We streamline software integration, merging solutions seamlessly. Tailored to your needs, we optimize efficiency, collaboration, and system performance with proven methodologies and cutting-edge technology.

What we do

Our dedicated team employs systematic approaches to identify, organize, and control configuration items within your technology infrastructure. By leveraging advanced tools and establishing robust processes, we ensure that your hardware, software, and network components are meticulously documented, tracked, and maintained.
Our company provides 24/7 IT support services through our help desk, offering prompt and efficient assistance from Tier 1 to Tier 3. We pride ourselves on minimizing downtime and aligning our detailed triage process with your business goals.
Our goal is a seamless customer experience through user-friendly interfaces, virtualization, and AI. This empowers clients, enhances trust, and improves outcomes while saving costs and mitigating risks.
With our expertise, you can effectively manage changes, safeguard against unauthorized modifications, and swiftly resolve issues, resulting in improved stability, heightened security, and optimized performance across your IT landscape.
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Why work with us?

In this up and coming IT market price is a deal breaker for most companies. Most big IT companies offer less while costing more catering to only businesses that have enough money to support their hundred plus workers. As for smaller businesses, big business IT companies rates tend to cost them an arm and a leg. However, Red Sun technology specializes in the same services that most big IT companies offer while having the most reliable and friendly customer support

About our company

All of our client's computer issues are solved in the shortest time while following the most intensive procedures to ensure your computer is fixed the first time. Our rates compete with all of the IT businesses in the Baltimore/D.C. area to ensure you can budget your expenses while still having enough to pay for other expenses. Whether you need to have a laptop screen fixed or need your business office computer upgraded contact Red Sun technology to get the best prices and service because when it comes to IT services we shine.

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